M Benefit Solutions – Bank Strategies, specializes in providing executive and director benefit planning services to community banks through Advisor Firms like BoliColi located in key markets across the country. The Advisor Firms, which are recognized leaders in the BOLI market, specialize in helping banks attract, retain, and reward key executives and directors through the design, implementation, and administration of benefit programs that maximize the use of a bank’s financial resources. M Benefit Solutions – Bank Strategies is the Independent Community Bankers of America’s (“ICBA”) Preferred Service Provider for executive and director benefits.

Our BOLIPRO™ website makes it possible for our clients to access a variety of resources and information, including:

  • Accounting information
  • Current plan cash values (updated via electronic carrier feeds)
  • Participant statements
  • Plan documents
  • Yield analysis (for the current year and since the inception of the plan)
  • Concentration analysis for all carriers
  • FICA and imputed income data
  • Carrier ratings (updated automatically each quarter)