Attention Bank Executives:

We invite you to participate in our annual Financial Organization Executive Benefit Survey and in exchange for your participation we will provide a complimentary results report valued at $2,000.

Through the development and ongoing improvement of our annual survey, we are able to create a snapshot of the current climate of executive benefits in the banking industry and showcase new trends and recent changes through year-over-year analysis.

The comprehensive results report covers a variety of topics including participation levels, benefits provided, vesting schedules, and typical provisions within agreements such as early termination and change in control. We also provide information on director and trustee benefits.

This information should be very helpful to you and your board to determine how your executive benefit strategies work to recruit top talent, retain key management and mission-critical employees, and reward top performers.

Find out exactly how your own executive programs stack up against that of your peers and gain insights as to how the banking industry is competing for top talent and overcoming common challenges such as benefit-cost control and leadership engagement.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, your privacy is ensured and results are strictly confidential.