Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Survey

Are your executive benefit strategies working to recruit top talent?… retaining key management and mission critical employees?…rewarding top performers?… providing sufficient retirement?

We invite you to participate in our second annual Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Survey. Last year we had 151 banks participate and all those that participated received a copy of the results.

Many of the results from last year’s survey were what we expected but there were some surprises too. Traditionally, there has been plenty of data on compensation but not on SERP benefits which are often a major piece of an executive’s compensation. Our annual survey provides credible data to fill this gap. The report covers a variety of topics including who participates, benefit levels, vesting schedules and typical provisions within agreements such as change in control. We also provide information on director/trustee benefits and current trends.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, respondents are anonymous and results are strictly confidential. Anyone who completes the survey is eligible to receive a complimentary copy of the results.

If you’re a bank executive, we encourage you to participate and look forward to sharing the results with you!