Matters of Interest - Volume 40

Final Regulations on “Reportable Policy Sales” – Impact on COLI/BOLI

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included an Amendment to the Transfer for Value (TFV) rules under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 101. The Amendment subjected certain transfers of life insurance policies to new reporting requirements and made detrimental changes to the taxation of policy death benefits after such transfers. (read more)

M Benefit Solutions Security Part 3: Internal Systems and Policies

In our third and final article about data security at M Benefit Solutions, we will discuss internal security protocols. In the first article, we discussed the human element of data security. Matters of Interest Volume 37. The second article covered the security measures we take for our externally facing systems. Matters of Interest Volume 38. Now we turn to some of the systems we have put in place that clients will never see. Users logging into our systems will not notice these systems in action, but they are protecting our clients every day. (read more)