• Our goal is to meet the following corporate and Executive & Director goals: 
    • Offer a benefit concept that can be constructed to address the specific needs of the executive and board. 
    • Implement a benefit plan which meets the financial requirement of the corporation. 
    • Provide implementation and ongoing plan administration that meets the highest standard of service to the executives and directors involved in the plan and the internal administrator. 
    • Provide a benefit which can be easily communicated and appreciated by executives, directors and their families. 
    • Maximize benefit security to the extent allowed. 
    • Provide tax-favored, tailored solutions to the executive’s particular needs. 
    • Provide systems and communicate plan information and documentation to personal advisors. 

    Increasingly, corporations are using executive and director benefit programs to attract, reward, and retain key executives and directors. 

    A selection of our traditional executive and director programs include: