What are the tax advantages of a Life Insurance Retirement Plan? 


Taxes can erode your spending power at retirement if the majority of your savings are placed in taxable accounts such as Traditional IRAs, 401k plans or brokerage accounts. If this is the case, at retirement date when you need to access the cash the most, you are faced with a significant tax liability for the taxes you’ve deferred over all of those years.

If you believe taxes will increase over the course of your lifetime it may be helpful to place a portion of your savings in tax advantaged accounts such as Roth IRA or Life Insurance Retirement Plans (LIRPs) that can benefit from tax free distributions at retirement. For high net worth individuals, Life Insurance Retirement Plans continue to be an attractive option when they become ineligible for Roth IRA plans due to income restrictions. In fact, roughly 85% of Fortune 500 CEOs use LIRP strategies in their personal retirement portfolios.


Choices for Tax Efficient Retirement Savings.

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