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How to Convince Your Board to Offer Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

As an employer, you may be considering implementing a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan (NQDC) for your key employees. However, your board of directors may have some concerns regarding the cost, risk, and complexity of this plan. Don’t worry, this article provides four tips that can help you prepare for success.

2024 Tax Reference Guide

These tax tables are designed to offer a quick summary of tax brackets and taxes for: personal income, capital gains, children, and both employer and personal retirement plans.

Q&A: Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI)

In short, BOLI is a tax-efficient method banks use to generate additional income as a means to offset employee benefit expenses. In this Q&A, VP of Consulting Dave Gagnon addresses questions about BOLI and provides insight into the role plays in the banking industry.

2023 Tax Reference Guide

These tax tables are designed to offer a quick summary of tax brackets and taxes for: personal income, capital gains, children, and both employer and personal retirement plans.

Is a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan the Key to Retaining Top Talent?

Recruiting, retaining and motivating vital employees is a constant concern for businesses regardless of the economic and regulatory climate. For business owners and human resource professionals, hiring and retaining quality employees has always been a top priority. The challenge remains as to how to reward key hires in a way that aligns well with the company’s long-term strategic goals.

Why Do Banks Underutilize Deferred Compensation for Key Executive Retention?

Deferred compensation provides a unique savings tool for key employees and has proven retention qualities. So why is this widely used strategy in corporate America being overlooked in the banking industry?

Market Update - Defined Benefit versus Defined Contribution

In this video, Principal John Gagnon discusses the differences between defined benefit and defined contribution when it comes to SERP design and highlights the impact rate changes are having of these design options.

Lump Sum Discount Rates

As interest rates increase, discount rates increase and these rate increases could have a major effect on what a SERP participant’s lump sum benefit will be. In this video, Principal John Gagnon addresses the impact rising interest rates are having on lump sum payouts and offers ways to adjust so that you’re not essentially encouraging an executive to retire early.

Market Update - Bank Owned Life Insurance

Principal John Gagnon discusses changes occurring in the Bank Owned Life Insurance market and shares which drivers he believes may be responsible for this increased activity, as well as how carriers are responding to BOLI momentum.

The Value of Split-Dollar Plans for Tax-Exempt Entities

Because of the restrictive nature of the 457 rules and the addition of 21% excise tax under Section 4690, many tax-exempt organizations have looked to split-dollar life insurance as an alternative way of providing executive retirement benefits.

What is a synthetic equity plan?

Synthetic equity plans can be an attractive alternative to stock options as they mimic the economic value of equity without buying or selling actual stock. Synthetic equity is often used to recruit, retain and reward top talent by providing a ownership level benefit without giving up any actual ownership of the company. In this video, Principal John Gagnon, answers the question “What is a synthetic equity plan?” and discusses a case example and why some companies may prefer this type of equity alternative over a more traditional stock option.

Addressing the Philosophical Objection of BOLI

The more pervasive objection to BOLI is philosophical in nature and generally relates to the discomfort of receiving death benefit payments on the lives of current or former employees. This creates a misconception that the bank is profiting on the death of an executive.

Q&A: Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIP)

An LTIP is an incentive bonus plan that makes payments based on the achievement of specific goals which are generally paid three to four years after they have been earned and after satisfying the vesting requirement. In this Q&A, Principal John Gagnon addresses common concerns to help determine if an LTIP is a proper benefit choice for your organization.

What Is Split Dollar Insurance?

Split Dollar arrangements offer an array of attractive planning opportunities for companies to provide meaningful benefits to key executives. In this video, Principal John Gagnon, answers the question “What is Split Dollar Insurance?” and discusses the components, process and reasons why companies choose to implement a Split Dollar arrangement.

2022 BOLI State of the Union

How will BOLI react in a rising interest rate environment? At the start of 2021, banks faced several challenging economic conditions including declining net interest margins, lower asset yields, and excess liquidity.

Advanced Topic: Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans (NQDC)

NQDC plans can solve for shortfalls in savings for highly compensated employees and provide retirement preparedness equity to those who have already maxed out their qualified plans limits. They do this by helping these individuals save beyond the limitations imposed by the IRS on qualified plans.

2022 Tax Reference Guide

These tax tables are designed to offer a quick summary of tax brackets and taxes for: personal income, capital gains, children, and both employer and personal retirement plans.

457(f) vs. Split Dollar Plans

Offering retirement benefit plans using life insurance has long been an important element of an employer’s ability to attract, retain, and reward their key management employees. While the 457(f) Retirement Plan and Collateral Assignment Split-Dollar (CASD) Plan both have the potential to provide meaningful benefits to employees, important tax, financial, and operational differences exist. The following tables will compare the plans and their impact from a participant and company perspective.

Trust-Owned Life Insurance: Managing Fiduciary Risk

“We reject a lax view of fiduciary obligations and insist upon their scrupulous observance. But to say that a man is a fiduciary only begins [the] analysis; it gives direction to further inquiry. To whom is he a fiduciary? What obligations does he owe as a fiduciary? In what respect has he failed to discharge these obligations? And, what are the consequences of his deviation from duty?” – Hon F. Frankfurter, SEC vs. Chenery (1943).

Advanced Topic: Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs)

SERPs address a common pain point for key employees—and their employers. In an increasingly virtual world, top talent can be hard to attract and even harder to retain. Attractive benefits packages offer one way for employers to keep highly compensated employees and key executives (HCEs) around without getting into a bidding war with the competition.

Jay Adkisson

Wed. November 17 | 10am PT Asset protection is commonly used to mitigate the effects of future creditors, lawsuits, and other liabilities. Jay Adkisson, attorney and Managing Partner of Adkisson Pitet LLP, explores current planning trends and how life insurance can be an effective asset protection tool when used within trusts and advanced estate planning […]

Andy Friedman

Wed. November 11 | 10am PT Proposed changes to tax legislation could have significant market and economic impacts. In this special legislative session, Washington insider Andy Friedman discusses what proposed tax changes could mean for retirement investors and small business owners, and offer insights for year-end planning.  

Are Your Executives Mosaic?

For business and personal reasons, I travel quite a bit. And, I almost always travel on jetBlue as they service pretty much everywhere that I want to go. A few years back, I qualified for their “Mosaic” level which is their frequent flyer program. Over time, I’ve spoken to others that are also Mosaic level and universally it is highly regarded.

Ella Chase

Wed. September 29 | 10am PT Ella Chase, co-founder of Wellth Works and a sixth-generation inheritor within a family enterprise, uniquely understands the advisor-client relationship for HNW women. Ella will discuss tactical tools to improve advisor relationships with clients and their family members so that advisors can “stick with the family,” and she’ll address and […]

Tracy Brower

Wed. August 18 | 10am PT Join sociologist and author Dr. Tracy Brower for an engaging discussion about the future of work, leadership, and engagement and how to best motivate ourselves and employees. Dr. Brower will cover new research, surprising insights, and pragmatic approaches to cultivate and sustain resilience and success through the continuous changes […]

Andy Friedman

Wed. June 23 | 10am PT Andy Friedman is known for his unique insight and analysis of the political landscape and prospective legislation. He will share his views on proposed tax changes and what this could mean for all facets of the financial industry.  

Paul Sullivan

Wed. April 15 | 10am PT Paul Sullivan writes the Wealth Matters column for The New York Times covering issues from private banking and wealth management to philanthropy and inheritance. His articles have appeared in publications such as Fortune, Money, and The Financial Times.  

Ian Bremmer

Wed. March 18 | 10am PT Join renowned political scientist Ian Bremmer for a trip around the world in 20 minutes. Ian unpacks the geopolitical landscape and its impact on the U.S. economy, climate issues, cybersecurity, and more. He shares why we should feel optimistic about the post-pandemic recovery, as well as the principal global […]

Jonathan Godsall

Wed. February 24 | 10am PT Jonathan Godsall provides data-driven insights into how the insurance industry is adapting to meet the expectations of the client of the future. Watch the replay to hear more about the trends reshaping the industry, the changing needs of consumers, and the importance of expanded and enhanced digital capabilities.  

Andy Friedman

Wed. February 17 | 10am PT Andy Friedman provides a comprehensive review of the new Washington landscape and its potential effects on taxes and investing.  

Paulo Pinho

Wed. January 27 | 10:00 am PT Dr. Paulo Pinho looks at why COVID-19 has caused challenges finding coverage for jumbo cases and older clients. Dr. Pinho discusses co-morbid conditions and how they exacerbate COVID-19, how reinsurers view COVID-19, the keys to success for the vaccines, and what has to happen before things return to […]

Kedra Newsom

Wed. October 28 | 10:00 am PT Kedra Newsom of Boston Consulting Group engaged the M Community in a robust discussion about women’s wealth and the complex needs of HNW and UHNW women. She shared specific strategies for advisors in this market and how the industry is changing to better reach this audience.  

Paul Ryan

Wed. October 7 | 10:00 am PT M Financial was honored to welcome Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, as our fall Future of Insurance keynote speaker. From his two decades in office to the founding of the nonprofit American Idea Foundation, Paul Ryan’s career has focused on public policy and […]

Carrier Discussion

Wed. September 23 | 10:00 am PT Henry Wong & Tod Nasser – John Hancock & Pacific Life Wondering how the current state of the economy and capital markets are impacting carrier portfolios and investments, and what that means for new business? Tod Nasser of Pacific Life and Henry Wong from John Hancock engaged in a panel discussion […]

Don Delf

Wed. September 9 | 10:00 am PT Don Delf, Private Wealth Advisory Leader for PwC US, brought his legacy and expertise in private wealth to answer the trillion-dollar question: What’s top of mind for business owners and family offices heading into elections and uncertainty? Don also explored how elasticity of exemptions is critical in the […]

Tony Arnerich

Wed. August 12 | 10:00 am PT Multi-Impact Asset Management in the Current Economy Tony Arnerich explored current trends related to ESG (environmental, social, governance) investing, intentional investing, and wealth transfer to the next generation. He demonstrated how the pandemic has created opportunities for environmentally and socially responsible investing and the implications to your clients’ […]

Scott Clemons

Wed. July 29 | 10:00 am PT Investing in the Wake of a Pandemic Scott Clemons, Chief Investment Strategist for Brown Brothers Harriman, examined the data around the pandemic’s effects on the economy. He also discussed the impact for insurance companies managing large amounts of money, what it means for your clients’ portfolios, and the […]

Zanny Beddoes

Wed. July 15 | 10:00 am PT Our Global Economy in the Post-Pandemic World KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Zanny Minton Beddoes – The Economist Named one of the Most Powerful Women in the World by Forbes, Zanny Minton Beddoes is a leading voice at the intersection of economics and policy. Known for delivering sophisticated insight on all facets of […]

Marc Cadin and Armstrong Robinson

Wed. June 24 | 12:30 PT COVID = Accelerant for Change AALU/GAMA’s Marc Cadin and Armstrong Robinson examined developing political trends and what financial professionals should expect through election day. They also explored the long-term impact of recent regulatory and legislative actions and identified the top opportunities and threats these regulations will generate for financial […]

Marc-Andre Giguere

Wed. June 17 | 11:00 am PT What do your HNW clients and key advisors need to know about how the reinsurance sector is responding to current What do your HNW clients and key advisors need to know about how the reinsurance sector is responding to current market conditions? Marc-Andre Giguere discussed possible ripple effects […]

Doug French

Wed. June 3 | 10:00 am PT Beyond COVID 19 – How the insurance industry will reimagine their business. Doug French, Ernst & Young’s Managing Principal of Insurance & Actuarial Services, examined the current economic disruption, its impact on the global insurance marketplace, and the effects on wealth transfer for the UHNW client, followed by […]

Colin Devine

Wed. June 3 | 10:00 am PT Outlook for the U.S. Life Insurance Industry After COVID-19 Colin Devine, Principal of C. Devine & Associates, examined the current status of the U.S. life insurance industry and how life insurers are doing amid COVID-19. Colin offers deep insights into what to expect in the coming months, the new […]

Dr. Quincy Krosby

Wed. May 6 | 10:00 am PT Of the Moment Market Outlook Dr. Quincy Krosby, Prudential’s Chief Market Strategist, discussed how the pandemic is impacting financial markets and the overall economy. Dr. Krosby explored the recent and rapid shift in consumer behavior and the emergence of new technologies for navigating the current landscape, and she […]

Jeff Bush

Wed. April 22 | 9:30 am PT An Overview of the Political Environment, Prospective Legislation, and Strategies for Investment and Retirement Planning Jeff Bush and Andy Friedman have collaborated on a 2020 presentation that addresses all of the issues brought about by the recent coronavirus pandemic. In his April 22 presentation, Jeff explored the details […]