Is a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan the Key to Retaining Top Talent?

Recruiting, retaining and motivating vital employees is a constant concern for businesses regardless of the economic and regulatory climate. For business owners and human resource professionals, hiring and retaining quality employees has always been a top priority. The challenge remains as to how to reward key hires in a way that aligns well with the company’s long-term strategic goals.

Lump Sum Discount Rates

As interest rates increase, discount rates increase and these rate increases could have a major effect on what a SERP participant’s lump sum benefit will be. In this video, Principal John Gagnon addresses the impact rising interest rates are having on lump sum payouts and offers ways to adjust so that you’re not essentially encouraging an executive to retire early.

What is a synthetic equity plan?

Synthetic equity plans can be an attractive alternative to stock options as they mimic the economic value of equity without buying or selling actual stock. Synthetic equity is often used to recruit, retain and reward top talent by providing a ownership level benefit without giving up any actual ownership of the company. In this video, Principal John Gagnon, answers the question “What is a synthetic equity plan?” and discusses a case example and why some companies may prefer this type of equity alternative over a more traditional stock option.

Q&A: Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIP)

An LTIP is an incentive bonus plan that makes payments based on the achievement of specific goals which are generally paid three to four years after they have been earned and after satisfying the vesting requirement. In this Q&A, Principal John Gagnon addresses common concerns to help determine if an LTIP is a proper benefit choice for your organization.